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stuffed bagel bites on a floral plate with a cup of tea in the background along with more stuffed bagel bites

Stuffed Bagel Bites

These stuffed bagel bites are so easy to make, only six ingredients! I used frozen Rhodes dinner rolls, cream cheese, my favorite bagel toppings to make them. Also known as bagel balls, just think of them as...

Tofu Tacos Recipe from The Little Kitchen

Tofu Tacos Recipe

I love crispy tofu and I'm sure you do too! I'm sharing this tofu tacos recipe with you, it's an Asian taco with crispy tofu, pickled vegetables and a cabbage slaw. You need to make it ASAP!...

Cheese Ball Recipe from

Cheese Ball Recipe

I'm sharing with you three different cheese ball recipes including one for a bacon cheese ball. They are so easy to make and taste great!