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Matcha Cookies from

Matcha Cookies

These chocolate dipped matcha cookies are an easy shortbread cookies recipe! I love drinking matcha green tea so making them into chocolate dipped shortbread cookies are a must!

This recipe for cheesesteaks is amazing! We make it all the time and constantly get rave reviews! You have to try it!! Cheesesteaks from

Cheesesteak Recipe

Curtis and I have some dinners that we make again and again and this cheesesteak recipe is one of them. Is there anything better than tender steak and cheese tucked into oven-warmed rolls? Bliss! Last week I...

Vegetarian Dumplings from

Vegetarian Dumplings

These vegetarian dumplings are so easy to make! And most dumping wrappers are vegan so this recipe is actually vegan too! Made with tofu and a couple of vegetables, they pack a lot of flavor and are...

glasses with sweet tea vodka and lemonade with fresh mint in a glass on the side and a pitcher of the same drink in the background

Sweet Tea with Vodka and Lemonade

Sweet tea with vodka and lemonade is super easy to make and a great drink to serve at summer parties and get togethers! It’s so easy to make and only has 4 ingredients if you don’t count...

orange mint tea in a mason jar with straws

Orange Mint Tea

This orange mint tea recipe is refreshing and perfect for a spring or summer gathering with your friends! I'm so excited to be working again with the Florida Department of Citrus to bring you this recipe for...