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I'm so excited about my new little five things logo that Lindsay created for me. Don't you just love it? 😀 I am having so much fun doing these five things posts every weekend, I hope you're enjoying them too!

I don't really have a theme for this one…just sharing a little bit about this weekend…

1. I have a fear of public speaking

Some people have a natural ability to speak in front of a huge group of people…I'm not one of them. My voice shakes, my stomach hurts, I sweat profusely and I fumble my words. I'm not sure what it is, maybe it all goes back to a class in college where I had to talk about caboclos from the Brazilian Amazon and I completely choked. I looked around the classroom as I stumbled over my words and mixed up my index cards. I could see the horror in my classmates' faces as they felt so sorry for me. I consider myself to be a pretty outgoing person but when it comes to public speaking…forget about it. By the way, I think I got a D on that speech.

So yesterday, when the Central Florida Bloggers Conference (#CFLBlogCon) finally arrived, I found myself asking myself why I agreed to speak. I kept telling everyone how nervous I was. And I know from what Joshua said to me, I was making it worse by doing that. It's true, if you keep talking about your nerves, it will get worse. In one of the morning sessions, Fitting Blogging into Your Life with Christine, Jackie and Michelle (they did a great job!), and I got even more nervous. They did a great job by the way of giving bloggers ideas on how to make life easier by using tools like TweetDeck and different WordPress plugins to make your life easier.

I spoke about Working With Brands for about 30 minutes and once I got going started, the words started flowing. I know I stumbled a few times and even said way too many umms.

Thanks to Katie for taking this picture.

So happy I didn't faint…I really felt like I was going to before it started. After my talk, I had a few people come up to me and say some really kind words, I'm so thankful for the nice feedback. So happy it turned out okay and hopefully most people found the information I shared useful! If you're interested, you can view my presentation on DocCaster or SlideShare or below.

Working With Brands (for Bloggers) from Julie Deily

2. Great Advice

The keynote speaker for the Central Florida Bloggers Conference was Lou Mongello, he gave some great advice for bloggers wanting to make blogging their full time job. This slide was my favorite because it not only applies to blogging but so much more than that. I really think it applies to life in general. Lou's talk was right on and completely inspiring.

3. I love a good photobomb

Huge thanks to Justice for making us all laugh. I seriously can't stop laughing about this picture. That's Christine and Katie.

4. Great food props at Michael's

I told you there was no rhyme or reason to this post. The other day I was at Michael's and scored an awesome deal on white foamcore, you can't beat 99 cents! I saw these awesome dessert glasses that I had never seen at Michael's before. 40% off coupons and trade with friends – and you'll have a nice collection of dessert glasses!

5. Friends Friends Friends

I'm thankful for good friends and being able to see them at these kinds of events. My most favorite part about these kinds of events and conferences are seeing old friends and making new ones. My friends keep me grounded and cheer me on. I hope you have those kinds of friends in your life too. That's Katie, me, Suzanne and Robin.

Kudos to Bess Auer and the rest of the planning committee of CFLBlogCon. It was an awesome event, I learned a bunch and I can't wait for next year!

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