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The Best Whole Chicken in a Slow Cooker Recipe

This recipe was originally published in February 2011. I just updated the photos and added some recipe notes based on the many comments and questions I have received over the last few years. This recipe is a family favorite of ours and I hope you’ll enjoy it if you try it!

Whole Chicken in a Slow Cooker from

My friend piqued my curiosity when she told me about her co-worker bringing in a slow cooker to work with just a whole chicken and slow cooking it for an entire day. She often brought her slow cooker in with some kind of concoction so she could bring dinner over to her friend’s house who was going through chemotherapy treatment. What a great friend, I’m sure her friend appreciated it. My friend told me their office often smelled really good during these days.

(Original photo this recipe was posted with in February 2011)

So when I was on the hunt for a chicken slow cooker recipe, I googled and found this one. It’s incredibly simple and the chicken goes into the crockpot in minutes. I added my own twist to it and guess what? The chicken is wonderfully moist and it’s very simple. After the chicken is done, you can throw it in your broiler to crisp up the skin. Carving the chicken is so easy because it just wants to fall apart. The breast comes right off the bone and is very easy to cut up. The chicken is really tender and flavorful and much easier than roasting a chicken in the oven.

I use a 3.5 to 4.5 pound chicken and it fits just fine in my slow cooker. I added the carrots and vegetables and the chicken rests nicely on them. Also, I added garlic and lemon. My favorite roast chicken recipe calls for garlic and lemon inside the chicken so I do the same when I make it in the crockpot.

This makes a wonderfully easy meal you can serve with mashed potatoes or rice and your favorite vegetable alongside the carrots and celery if you wish. And  I make chicken pot pies with the leftover chicken.

The Best Whole Chicken in a Slow Cooker Recipe from
Whole Chicken in a Slow Cooker from

Whole Chicken in a Slow Cooker from

I put the vegetables in the slow cooker first. Then, prep the chicken.

Whole Chicken in a Slow Cooker from

Rinse the chicken with water and wipe it dry with a clean paper towel. Rub the outside of the chicken with garlic and place the garlic inside. Fold the wings back below the chicken.

Whole Chicken in a Slow Cooker from

Add the rub to the outside and inside of the chicken. And place the lemon quarters inside. I try to put the insides of the lemons up against the insides of the chicken, see how the outsides of the lemon quarters are touching?

Whole Chicken in a Slow Cooker from

Tie the chicken legs together with kitchen twine.

Whole Chicken in a Slow Cooker from

Place the chicken on top of the vegetables. This creates the best cooking situation for the chicken. Cooking a whole chicken inside of the slow cooker creates a lot of broth and resting the chicken on top of veggies keeps the chicken from failing apart too much.
I use turkey lifters to remove the chicken from the crockpot carefully. Place chicken in an oven safe dish or roasting pan & in the broiler for just about 4-5 minutes.

Whole Chicken in a Slow Cooker from

But it’s inevitable, the chicken does fall apart a little bit. The meat is so moist and tender and it’s honestly, the only way we make a roast chicken these days!

Here’s a quick video to show you how easy it is to cook a whole chicken in a slow cooker!

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Yield: 6 servings

Prep Time: 10 min

Cook Time: 8 hours

Total Time: 8 hours 10 min

It’s incredibly simple and the chicken goes into the crockpot in minutes.

Whole Chicken in a Slow Cooker Recipe


Rub Ingredients for the Chicken

  • 4 teaspoons salt
  • 2 teaspoon paprika
  • 1 teaspoon cayenne pepper
  • 1 teaspoon onion powder
  • 1 teaspoon thyme
  • 1 teaspoon white pepper
  • 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon black pepper

For the Crockpot

  • 1 cup chopped onion, approx 1 medium to large onion
  • 4 to 5 carrots, scrubbed, no need to peel, chopped in halves or thirds
  • 4 celery stalks, cut in thirds
  • 2 garlic cloves, peeled and smashed
  • 1 whole lemon quartered
  • 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 lbs roasting or fryer chicken


  1. Combine rub ingredients in a small bowl and set aside. Prep the vegetables and place inside the slow cooker (I use a 7 quart oval one like this one.)
  2. Remove chicken from packaging and remove neck and pouch with organs. Discard or reserve for later use in another recipe. Rinse chicken with water and pat dry with paper towels.
  3. Rub garlic all over outside of the chicken. Put garlic inside the chicken. Put the rub all over the outside and inside the chicken. Add quartered lemon to the inside of the chicken.
  4. Place chicken on top of the vegetables. Cover slow cooker and cook chicken on low for 4-8 hours. (When I used a 4 lb chicken, it took about 6 hours. The time will depend on the size of the chicken and your slow cooker.) Cook until the internal temperature of the leg is at 160 degrees F or use a pop-up thermometer as the original recipe calls for.
  5. Remove chicken and place in a 9×13 glass or ceramic baking dish. Place baking dish in the oven under the broiler for about 4-5 minutes. Allow chicken to rest after removing it from the broiler for 5-10 minutes.

Frequently asked questions:

Do I need to add water to the crockpot?
Nope no water needed. This recipe actually makes broth while it’s cooking the chicken. You can strain it and use it for a later recipe if you want!

How do I get the skin crispy?
After it’s done in the crockpot, see the instructions in the recipe to crisp up the skin in your oven broiler.

Can I cook this recipe skinless?
I have never tried it but I have seen other bloggers post a recipe where they did it. If you want to, definitely try it! I can’t guarantee it will turn out the same as with the skin (moist and tender) since I haven’t tried it myself.

Can I make this recipe with a frozen chicken?
Can you believe I haven’t tried this yet? I usually buy whole chickens fresh at the grocery store the day before I make this recipe. I would think you can use a frozen chicken but it will take longer in the slow cooker. I would say if you know you’re going to make this recipe in advance then move the chicken from the freezer to the refrigerator so it can defrost for a couple of days but be sure to put it on a plate in case there’s condensation or water accumulates.

Modified and adapted from

We love that you love to share our recipes with others. If you have a blog or website and want to repost the recipe, we just ask that you reword the instructions (easy peasy) and link back to give us credit and to use your own images at the same time. Please ask us permission before republishing our recipes and images. And here's a great article on how to properly attribute a recipe.

I have made this recipe so many times now that I can’t even count. It seriously is the best recipe for making a whole chicken in a crockpot! I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to blog about it. Be sure to check out next week what I do with the leftovers!

kitchen supplies for whole chicken in a slow cooker

Crock-Pot 7 Quart Slow Cooker Glass Prep Bowls Anchor Hocking glass baking dish Turkey Lifters OXO Fat Separator Italian Bakers Carving Knives Image Map

Tools I use for this recipe:

  • Crock-Pot 7 Quart Slow Cooker – We use our slow cooker at least a few times a month if not more. It’s easy to use and I have had one that doesn’t have bells and whistles forever and it works just fine.
  • OXO Fat Separator – Super easy and super durable, get rid of the fat from the chicken juices so you can make a sauce or use it as a broth.
  • Italian Bakers -I love these baking dishes for this recipe and for making scalloped potatoes!
  • Turkey Lifters – I have a similar set I bought years ago that we use every Thanksgiving and every time I make this recipe. The best way to remove the entire chicken out of the slow cooker in one piece. (Amazon | Williams-Sonoma)
  • Anchor Hocking glass baking dish – We have a cobalt blue one that we have had forever. It’s great for this recipe, potatoes. You can never have too many baking dishes because of holiday baking!
  • Carving Knives – We have had a similar set for years now and love it. Love this brand, we have cheese knives from them that are amazing too! (Amazon | Williams-Sonoma)
  • Glass Prep Bowls – These were given as a gift to us from my in-laws and I use them EVERY DAY. So convenient for prepping meals and we use them as storage in the refrigerator too!

Disclosure: There are affiliate links in this post – that means if you click on the link and make a purchase, I make enough for a cup of coffee or two. Thanks!


  1. Hi! I just tried this recipe tonight and its pretty spicy. I think next time I will omit the cayenne pepper, white pepper and thyme and just keep it simple with salt, pepper, and garlic. But no doubt, it is fall off the bone. The vegetables seemed hold up. Other than that, it wasnt too bad.

    • Hi, Jennifer, I haven’t heard that complaint (I don’t think) but then again, I like things spicy.

      I would say try it with the thyme and omit the cayenne & white peppers. The thyme gives it a nice flavor. Glad it turned out good except for the spicy part though!

      All the best to you!

      • Hi Julie I’ve made chicken quarters in crock pot using chicken broth and veggies and seasonings. Always delicious. I have a whole chicken that I’d like try in my crock pot now. I’ll add all the same veggies as usual but I don’t need to add broth? Will it baste and cook evenly? 
        Thank you 

  2. Wow, what a disappointment.  Have tried many sloe cooker recipes with many proteins and really loved them. I put an instant read thermometer as well as a pop up in the chicken. 5 hours. Pulled it out. Just a test tastte before the oven to crisp skin. All the spices and lemon were great.  …….DRY CHICKEN.  Maybe I went wrong on something but I ended up serving leftovers. What did I do wrong?  Might be a great recipe, but not for me!!!

    • Hi Bob, That stinks! I’m sorry this happened.

      What size chicken did you use, how many pounds was it? Also, what did you do use for the heat level…high or low?

      I always have tender and moist chicken when I use this recipe. Feel free to email me so we can troubleshoot further.

      • Should this be cooked on High or Low? 

        • The recipe says to cook on low setting. I followed this directive and got a great result (5 lb chick for 5.5 hrs). I didn’t remove the skin because I have had dried out chicken when I’ve removed the skin before cooking. We don’t eat the skin, so I don’t do the crisping step after the crock pot, and I am sure to season under the skin and in the cavity as well as over the skin.

  3. This recipe is always my go to chicken recipe! It’s successful every time! Even when I haven’t had the veggies or lemon it is so tender and delicious.

  4. I made this tonight and it was outstanding. I knew I was in for a treat when I poked the chicken with a thermometer and a bunch of juice came squirting out.  Delicious and not even a tiny bit dry!  Just be careful when broiling. I burned the skin a little but it was okay. 

  5. Not usually a fan of making roast chicken dinners, I tried this method for the first time, but without the spices (just salt and pepper) and extra veg – parsnips and celeriac. I was at work so it cooked for over 9 hours on low! (though I’ll admit the bird was still slightly frozen going in!). It was delicious… the veg a little soggy of course by this stage , but so tasty, and the meat succulent and moist. I like this method also because I’m not good at carving and usually waste good meat because of this – so I loved the way it fell cleanly off the bones, not wasting a scrap.  
    I crisped up the skin under the grill as suggeste, and thickened the juices with a little corn flour and boullion powder to make a delicious gravy.
    Thank you for this excellent recipe!

  6. Honestly I don’t think I’ll ever go back to roasting chicken in the oven after this recipe. Simply amazing ! The chicken retained all its juices and was flavorful, just like a rotisserie chicken. The veggies even stayed intact ! I put cooked it for 4 hours on low then 1 hour on high because the chicken was still at little pink. I want to experiment with different rubs, maybe something more smoky/bbq next. Thank you !

  7. I’ve made this twice now, and my husband says, “I don’t know why we eat chicken any other way.” Thank you for such a great recipe.

  8. Dont let your chicken sit in the bottom of a crock pot or it can dry out…Place root vegs or foil balls under so the chicken is off the bottom.

  9. Hi Julie! Thanks so much for this recipe! I made this today and found it while looking for something “fast” in a crock pot. This fit the bill. And it’s so versatile, which was great. I needed to prep quickly to get it cooking on time, so I dried the chicken off with paper towels inside and out, rubbed it all over with sea salt and cracked black pepper and fresh garlic cloves, quartered a lime (out of lemons) and threw it inside the cavity with the garlic. Placed it on top of the carrots, celery and leeks (out of onions) and put it on high for 4 hours (even though the recipe says to put it on low – I just didn’t want to risk it not being done). When we returned just in time for dinner, I put it in the oven to broil for 4 minutes, as instructed (I had it on a high broil, but next time I’ll just stick with low broil), let it rest for 10 minutes, and then served dinner. It was moist, tender chicken – a great one-dish meal. Served it with potatoes that were cooking in another slow cooker at the same time. I’ll make this again and play with the spices next time. Thanks again!

  10. This recipe is terrific. Thank you so much. I used whatever I had on hand underneath the bird: parsnips, fennel root. It was so delicious. I was in a rush so I cooked it on high. I had a 4.5 lb chicken on high for about 3 hours, then did the broil step to crisp up the skin. I noticed that my carrots were still a little too crunchy so I put them into the pan for the broil step. Everything came out perfect. Loved this, will add it to the regular rotation and make it once a month. The outside was a tad spicy for my kid who thinks everything is too spicy, but I just gave him inside pieces. Thank you for this wonderful recipe.

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  12. Very much impressed with how simple it was to get this prepped & into my slow cooker in no time at all, came home to the most amazing aroma. Followed the above recipe exactly but did not need to crisp the skin, the chicken & vegetables were perfectly cooked, meat fell from the bone – new favourite meal, could mean an end to roasted whole chicken.

  13. Just wanted to stop by and let you know that this has replaced my old favorite roast chicken recipe. It is so delicious and simple with ingredients I almost always have on hand. It is a satisfying meal that I always look forward to. Thank you!

  14. This was soooo good, I will definitely be making this dish again.

  15. I don’t have a slow cooker ! Can I just do this in a cast iron pot ,with a cover in the oven ? And what temp should 
    Heat the oven too for an equivalent low setting on a slow cooker 😉And w hat temp should the oven be for a 
    High heat in a slow cooker ? Thanks in advance for your help . …..
    Cheers and Bon appetite.  

  16. If youre unable to fit your chicken under the broiler is the skin still good and edible or does it come out very mushy? Asking because the broiler in my apt is only on the bottom of the oven and not very efficient.

  17. I use organic leeks instead of carrots and celery. I rub the chicken with Himalayan salt and Pondicherry pepper (ground together), then sprinkle it with paprika. This time, to the bed of leeks, I added a shoot of fennel. What I like best about this recipe is that it’s nearly impossible to ruin. So many possibilities! Just keep experimenting! Ooooh, what fun!

  18. Could you cook whole new potatoes in Crock-Pot with celery and carrots

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  20. Has anyone added potatoes? Should I add a little broth or parboil potatoes before adding?

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  22. I’m not a very good cook, but I tried this recipe today and it was fabulous! The spices were just right and the chicken cooked beautifully in the crock pot. Super easy and deliciously moist. I’ll be trying more of your recipes, thanks!

    • I cook it with quartered Yukon Golds, it comes out great! Other potatos can get smashed and mushed under the chicken but these hold up well. Melt in your mouth! 

  23. Plan on making this soon. I can’t wait to try it.

  24.  Have you tried making this into a chicken soup?

  25. I am making this today as Hurricane Irma is heading directly for us as a Cat 4. Good food helps ease a bit of the tension a disaster brings. You might have to rename this chicken to Chicken Irma! It is a lifesaver.

    • Mary,

      How did it turn out?

      And how did you make out from the hurricane? I was dealing with Irma too! We only had a little bit of damage though, thankfully.

      Chicken Irma is an awesome name! LOL

  26. Love this for summer, I don’t have to use the oven and warm up the house if I want a roast chicken. I usually add a couple parsnips and a bay leaf for a little extra flavor. Good stuff!

  27. Patrina. I am going to try this for dinner tomorrow  .

  28. Did anyone add potatoes to this?
    When would be best to add them?

  29. My mom gave us a crock pot last week. I found this recipe yesterday and couldn’t wait to try it. I love crock pot dinners. I think next time I will not use as much cayenne pepper. My 8-year-old son thought it was too spicy. I made some rice to go along with the meal. Our whole family enjoyed this recipe.

  30. This slow cooks on low, right? Making it today 🙂

  31. I’m a single dad
    I’m going to try this in the morning,before I go to work,for my 10 year old and myself.
    Can I put the potatoes in with the chicken?
    My little girl doesn’t like spicy food.
    Tired of eating out.
    Living in moab utah It gets very expensive.

  32. Making tonight!! Starting late 8:30 pm-so I’m really getting ready for tomorrow.  Chicken was cut in 1/2, meaty side down. Used a bit of olive oil so season would stick better and not to pot. Going to add rice instead at the end. First cold spell really here in GA. Hearty chicken and rice. Will make separate okra and tomatoes as vegetables. 

  33. Very pleased with the broil step– first time doing whole chicken in the slow cooker (my favorite recipes use pieces!) and this general method seems to have worked beautifully. I’ll be doing it again– like the procedures. Varied ingredients a bit based on what we had and like (turnips, for example, now adding cauliflower rice and a bit of red wine).

  34. Do you know the nutritional value? I’m on a weight loss program 

  35. I am on my 5th chicken since December. Love this recipe.  I pull the chicken out after done, juicy every time.  I don’t roast it,  (my family are not much into roasted chicken).  I pull the pieces of meat I want for soup, tacos , enchiladas or whatever comes to mind.  Then… I put all the bones back into the same pOT, having left the juices and vegis in, throw in the ends of my celery, carrots and onions used earlier… And I also add chicken feet. fill to the tip of my pot with water,  let is go at low for 24/36 hours.  Just left alone…  OMG!  Best broth ever.  Got rid of the flu in three days.  Thank you for sharing.  Have a second chicken in the fridge to follow this one.  

  36. I made this recipe last night and it was a huge hit! So simple and tasty! And, just like you said, the chicken was ridiculously moist and tender! Thanks SO much!

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  38. Hello Julie

    I was looking for a roast chicken recipe for the slow cooker and this sounds great. I’ve been slow cooking for about 6 years and make a variety of meals but I’ve never tried roasting a chicken, so far. Just one question – is the broiler what we call a grill?



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