Strawberry Sangria Popsicles

Strawberry Sangria Popsicles from

We're taking a little break from Milkshake Week, I'm so excited to share with you that I'm now a contributor to the Better Homes & Garden food blog called Delish Dish! I'm sharing the recipe for these wonderful Strawberry Sangria Popsicles today over there.

Strawberry Sangria Popsicles from

I love strawberries, don't you? I love them even more now, after using this strawberry huller. I can honestly say, it's so easy to use!

Just put the blades into the hull. Twist it…

Strawberry Sangria Popsicles from

Press the button and pop it out.

Strawberry Sangria Popsicles from

I use to cut the hull out which results in a lot of the strawberry being wasted. You can say I'm obsessed with this gadget!

Strawberry Sangria Popsicles from

Don't forget to hop over to BHG to check out the recipe for these Strawberry Sangria Popsicles!

kitchen supplies for strawberry sangria popsicles

OXO Strawberry Huller Popsicle Molds Pyrex Mixing Bowls Pyrex 4-Cup Measuring Cup Le Creuset Saucepan Mesh Strainer Set Image Map

Kitchen Tools I use for this recipe:

  • Freezer Pop Maker/Popsicle Molds – My favorite popsicle molds! Pop the metal sheet on and then place the popsicle sticks. Running warm water over the metal lid and then removing it, helps make removing the popsicles way easy!
  • OXO Strawberry Huller – you know how I feel about this thing!
  • Pyrex Set of 3 Mixing Bowls – we received this set of mixing bowls as a wedding gift and 11 years later, they are still going strong. I love them, I use them all the time from mixing dry ingredients for baking recipes to melting chocolate in the microwave.
  • Pyrex (1 Quart) 4-Cup Measuring Cup – we also received this as a wedding gift. You need at least one huge measuring cup. This helps for pouring and measuring large amounts of liquids.
  • Mesh Strainer Set – I have 4 strainers, all different sizes. I don't use them every day obviously but these are super helpful. The little hook on the other side of the handle helps keep it stay on the top of your bowl.
  • Le Creuset Saucepan with Lid – I love this little saucepan. Great for cooking syrups like the one for this popsicle and great for making gravy too!

Disclosure: I'm a compensated contributor to the BHG Delish Dish blog. I also received the strawberry huller a while back from OXO for the purpose of review. These are my own words and I only share my opinions with you. There are affiliate links in this post.

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