Puppy Love #8

My puppy love posts are just posts where I usually share photos of our furbabies and stuff I’m loving lately…but this week I have some sad news…

    Prince the cat

  1. RIP Prince
    Miss Prince as I called her or Princess as our vet would call her…passed away on February 22nd. We had to make the difficult choice to let her go because she was so sick.

    Over four and a half years ago, my sister asked us to take Prince in and we said yes. Over the years, it's been stressful because she's been sick off and on and I'll tell you we almost lost her a few times but she is/was a fighter. (I'm still finding it really really hard to talk about Prince in the past tense.)

    Prince loves chicken

    Sometimes, it was really hard to care for Prince. She was a mean kitty sometimes…I'm kind of smiling about this right now because when she was done with you, she would let you know. But she loved to sleep on my stomach while I lay on the couch watching tv after dinner. She always tried to steal the bacon off my plate and she loved chicken as evidenced from this photo from a few years ago.

    She greeted you at the door along with the dogs and she loved to meet new visitors. Everyone who met her loved her…and we would often say but once she gets comfortable with you, she lets you know how it is. 🙂

    For a long time, I would call her my sister's cat and after a while, I called her our cat. She was a part of my family and still a part of my sister's family. I won't say it was entirely easy caring for a cat in older age that we didn't originally adopt as a kitten but we don't regret one moment.

    Prince the cat

    I do have to admit…and I kind of feel dumb for feeling this way, I didn't realize how much the loss of Prince would affect me so much. It's kind of stupid to think that I wouldn't be as sad as I was when we had to make the decision to say good bye to our dog, Cinder, almost eight years ago and our cat, Roswell, who passed away almost six years ago. The same thing happened this time, I haven't had much of an appetite and my energy level is a lot lower. I was telling a friend the other day, just because you have been through the grieving process before, it doesn't mean you can take a shortcut on it this time.

    And just because you don't pick them, it doesn't mean they don't leave an imprint on your heart. We are so very glad that we could take care of Prince for the last four and a half years and do take some comfort in the fact that she is no longer in pain.

    But we still miss her terribly and I know it will take time before the tears are replaced with smiles. In the meantime, we're giving a lot of love to Clone, Charley and Angel right now.

    Vets and petowners will tell you that you just know when the time is right, you just know when the time comes when you have to say good bye and do the humane thing to end their suffering. The morning of Feb. 22nd, Curtis woke me up and said it's time. I knew in my heart that he was right. I texted my sister and she immediately texted me back saying she would take the day off and come over. She came over to spend time with her and she went with us to the vet.

    It's a strange thing, I had a realization that she has been ours and hers that day and I am grateful my sister was able to see her one more time and be there with her and with us at the end.

    I know for some petowners, it's really really hard to be in the room at the end. But we firmly believe that we need to be there…so they can feel the love and so that the last thing they see is someone who loves them. I would never want them to be scared and alone without a familiar face…I'm sorry if you disagree but I think it's cowardice to leave them and not be there with them at the very end. It's the least we can do for the love we receive from them.

    Rest in peace, sweet Prince.

  2. when-breath-becomes-air-cover

  3. When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi

    I'm pretty much telling anyone who will listen…READ THIS BOOK. Honestly, if it's the only book you read in 2016, let it be this book.

    It's a memoir written by a neurosurgeon, he's in his last year of his residency at Stanford University and he is diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. His writing is amazing and I can't even begin to tell you how much this book has changed my thinking on so many things.

    He wrote the book in the last 18 months of his life and I can't help but think about what he else he would have given the world had he survived his cancer. He passed away last March and the book was just published in October 2015. My friend, who is a doctor, shared about this book on facebook and I'm so glad I bought it and read it!

    How he looks at life, death and his patients and the words he gave us, such a gift. I don't want to be super annoying but seriously, read this book!

    It's a quick read, a lot of people said they finished it in one day because they couldn't put it down. I read it in 3 days. You should totally check this op-ed he wrote in the New York Times and definitely watch this interview of his wife, Dr. Lucy Kalanithi by Katie Couric.

  4. Have Courage and Be Kindsource

  5. Have Courage and Be Kind

    This quotation from the live action version of Cinderella the movie has stuck with me for a long time. I feel like it needs to no other explanation.

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