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Asian Fish Tacos with Pork Dumplings from

Asian Fish Tacos with Pork Dumplings

I love tacos so much! We eat them at least once a month. And just sayin’ these are perfect for Taco Tuesdays! These Asian-inspired fish tacos are perfect for a weeknight meal. I made a sriracha mayo...

Jalapeno Popper Fried Wontons

Jalapeno Popper Fried Wontons

I'm just gonna say I pretty much love anything fried. Even though our family is Vietnamese, my Mom would make wonton soup and even fried wontons for us! I have made fried crab rangoon. I love experimenting...

Cheddar Cheese Cloverleaf Rolls from

Cheddar Cheese Cloverleaf Rolls

Saying I'm so excited to share this recipe for Cheddar Cheese Cloverleaf Rolls with you is an understatement! There's a grocery store near that sells these cheese rolls in their bakery and I kept a mental note...

Secret Ingredient Ham Fried Rice from

Ham Fried Rice Recipe

I love making fried rice at home. Growing up, my mom and my sister would make fried rice for us. I wanted to come up with a version that rivals take out and I did! It's an...

Nutella Milkshakes from

Nutella Milkshakes

(This post is from 2012, I just updated it with a new video, check it out!) Last month I was in Boston for my sister Connie's graduation from Northeastern Law. I'm so incredibly proud of my sister....

Lasagna Roll Ups from

Lasagna Roll Ups

This post is sponsored by Bertolli®. When I think about easy lasagna recipes, I think of this recipe for lasagna rolls. For Sunday Supper and even weeknight meals, this lasagna recipe will make your family so happy!...