12 Days of giveaways: Day 5 – Land O’Lakes Butter (Closed)

Ever wonder when you should use unsalted butter and when you should use salted butter? In short, use unsalted butter for baking and when I need to control the salt in my recipes. Use salted butter for spreading and in most of your cooking. I actually stock more tons more unsalted butter than I do the salted variety. About a 1 to 4 ratio and I always have both in my fridge.

For more information on when to use either unsalted or salted butter, check out this article.

I have been known to get a little freaked out when I'm running low on butter. 🙂 I'm so excited to be working with Land O'Lakes and to share this wonderful giveaway with you!

Photo Courtesy of Land O'Lakes

Land O'Lakes butters feature their flavor protecting wrappers – to keep other (funky) flavors out of your butter. I love their butter and it's perfect for all of your holiday baking and cooking needs!

*I love Ree's cookbooks and that flat whisk and the slotted spoon. I know whoever wins will LOVE this prize pack!

this giveaway includes:

Retail Value: $180

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This giveaway has ended.

Congrats to Ken W. for winning this prize pack!

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Disclosure: This giveaway is sponsored by Land O'Lakes. I received a similar prize pack as the winner will receive.

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