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So easy to make...the flavors of the roasted cauliflower go so well well with butter, goat cheese & prosciutto! Roasted Cauliflower Toast with Goat Cheese & Prosciutto from

Roasted Cauliflower Toast with Goat Cheese & Prosciutto and Trip to The Pioneer Woman Ranch in Oklahoma

Brace yourselves, this is going to be a long post. I have so many photos to share…and this toast… I recently traveled to Oklahoma and stayed at Ree’s Ranch — the Drummond Family Ranch for food, fun and butter...

Puppy Love #5

First, I have to say THANK YOU to the amazing response I got from my questions and needing advice on Charley’s food on my last puppy love post. We started him on Taste of the Wild as a lot of...
LG G4 Preview

LG G4 Preview {Review}

Recently, I got an email from LG and T-Mobile…asking me to try out the LG G4…a brand new phone that hasn’t been released yet. First, we need to talk about my love of gadgets and shiny new objects. I...
Gouda cheese takes your bacon and egg breakfast sandwich to another level! Bacon Gouda Breakfast Sandwich from

Bacon Gouda Breakfast Sandwiches

I love breakfast and I try to not skip such an important meal. I love quick and easy meals! Cobblestone Bread Co. has a great new line of bagels and English muffins and asked me to share a recipe...
These smoothies are really really easy to make and with coconut almondmilk, you'll love it!! Coconut Almond Milk Tea Smoothies from

Coconut Almond Milk Tea Smoothies with Boba

I love boba and I love milk tea! It’s an obsession and I recently started working with Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Almondmilk. It’s such a natural fit. Last year, I started buying their Almondmilk and love it. I use it...
So easy to make and these are such a treat! French Toast Sticks with Maple Butter Dipping Sauce from The Little Kitchen

French Toast Sticks with Maple Butter Dipping Sauce

You know me, I’m all about butter…that’s why I’m so happy to be on the Land O’Lakes Kitchen Conversations panel, for the third year! Yay! The first time I had French toast? My older sister, Quyen, made it for...