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Mini Meyer Lemon Bundt Cakes from

Mini Meyer Lemon Bundt Cakes

This post was originally published on December 21, 2011. I updated the photos and am sharing it with you again because I love this recipe so much! I make it at least twice a year when Meyer lemons are...
Brown Butter Pasta with Asparagus & Bacon from

Brown Butter Pasta with Asparagus & Bacon

I’m so excited to be partnering with Land O Lakes for the third year in a row, as a Kitchen Conversations panelist. And even more excited to share with you their annual Pin a Meal. Give a Meal. program....
Baked Cauliflower Macaroni & Cheese from

Baked Cauliflower Macaroni & Cheese

Macaroni and cheese is my favorite…absolute favorite. And cauliflower, probably one of my favorite vegetables. I’m completely obsessed and love to eat it raw. So when Horizon® approached me to make a recipe with their mac & cheese, I...
Savory Hand Pies from

Savory Hand Pies for Pi Day!

Pi Day is March 14! 3.14…get it? I love hand pies, savory pies, sweet pies, all kinds of pies so I was thrilled when KitchenAid asked me to contribute once again to their amazing blog, The Kitchenthusiast, and share...
Strawberry Shortcake Donuts from

Fried Donut Strawberry Shortcakes

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit the Florida Strawberry Growers Association and learn all about Florida strawberries. When I arrived, we were all talking about strawberry shortcakes and someone mentioned having one on a fried donut. I was...
10 Great Gifts for Valentine's Day (and Birthdays too!)

10 Great Gifts for Valentine’s Day (and Birthdays too!)

Valentine’s Day is in two days…or if you have a family member or friend’s birthday coming up, I have some amazing gift ideas for you! So funny story, I told Curtis I was working on this post and he...